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Styx coin explores how the ritual from Greek mythology of placing coins on the eyes of the dead, when buried, could exist in a crypto-commodotised-metaverse world. It aims to strip the grief and humanity from what it means to die. Presented in spam-emails, the inbox becomes the memorial and attitudes to crypto are satirised by their perceived risk of being a scam. It is a comment on the surreal and possible unhealthy direction this new world is taking us.

Styx coin is the new way to invest in your death and secure safe passage beyond your mortality. With the extortionate cost of dying, styx coin offers a place to invest money and accrue value to help cover the costs when that fateful day comes. Proof of Styx coin investment is also valid in the underworld for Charon’s safe, judgement free, ferry crossing to your life beyond. <eyewear provided>.