this is awkward

︎︎︎Publication design
︎︎︎Body  design

Embrace the awkwardness. The aim is for the exercise to re-adjust your perception of awkward conversation, eye contact and silences. Enjoy and revel in the honesty, vulnerability and humour of awkwardness.

A deck of 47 cards made up of questions, statements, fillers, actions and fill in the banks to cultivate awkward conversation. The pairs also wear an ‘awkward band’ between the two heads to force awkward eye contact throughout the exercise and physically embody awkward tension. The exercise also aims to explore performance in conversation — whether to use a prompt from the card and create a version of yourself (character) or being honest and truthful, to navigate awkwardness. Utilisng awkwardness to develop relationships with others as well as being comfortable in your own presence.

demonstrated at a workshop on body presence by Martijn Engelbrecht.